A day without work

Today I just forgot to go to work. Yes, as strange it sounds to be, it is 100% true. I just sat in my chair, read in the Holy Quran, then went through the internet, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. Turned off my mobile, no interruption what so ever. My eyes never hit the clock which was there all the time in front of me. Never felt anything was missing. Till my wife and daughter opened the door to find me just sitting there. “Didn’t you go to your office?” my wife asked so honestly. “I forgot” was my honest answer. Just like that. I enjoyed every minute of it. I turned on my mobile, a couple of dozens of missed calls, but who cares. Turned it off again and spent the rest of the day with my family. Great to feel free of commitments, appointments and calls. Feels awkward to act the lazy, go-happy one, especially when not used to it. Forgetting about things has never felt so good.


These days last year I started something that has been buzzing in my head for years. I took a 6-month decision-making period till I finally made up my mind. I was gaining weight, being literally obese and I hated it. Being a muslim, these days last year were during Ramadan – as it is today. Ramadan is the time in the year that we fast from dawn to sunset, and – according to my doctor – a very defficult time to star dieting. One thing that really held me back from taking that decision was my lovely wife. Why? She is a full-time working woman. A program would require some specific meals, and I didn’t want to put more loads on her. However, once I told her my decision, she was very supportive.
Why I wanted to lose weight was multi-factorial. First of all, every time I looked in the merror I felt stranged. That person is not me. I am not like that. I was not able to dress well, my tailor used to “bite” me with criticism everytime I went to him.
I wasn’t even able to cross my legs. I couldn’t play with my child, who is a very active girl. I had back pain, knee pain; climbing the stairs was a burden.
But one very special matter worried me the most. My wife is very ideal when it comes to weight. Just ideal. I always felt like an insult to her everytime I walked by her. Used to tell myself she deserved better. I had to prove being worthy of her.
Today, I like the way I look. I feel proud of my wife and myself. We did a great job. Now all I need is to take care of what we earned.
Thanks for reading my story.


Talking about planning one’s life is everywhere. It seems important and helpful. However, it doesn’t seem my type of thinking. Planning was never my way of living life. I like to live my life one day at a time. Everyday carries a lot of surprizes. Some arw good, others are not. I just go through them all, celebrate the good and fight the bad. I always find that the bad could have been worse, so it’s not actually that bad. There is always something to learn from every situation and every body that I meet.
One more thing: What is meant to be mine will be mine, no matter what goes wrong. That way, I don’t have to worry. Whatever happens to me the simply the best that could be. When I look at the blesses of my life, I embrace that belief more and more.
Life is what it is as it is, take it easy and it will be easy.


It is really painful to have a dear person feeling sad and you can do nothing about it. Especially when you are part of the problem. You try hard to get them out of their blues, but you just can’t. And they don’t make things easy for you. You feel like barriers standing in the middle. You try to jump above them, but you drop hard to the ground fsiled every time. Love is there for sure. But – and how much I hate that word – chains are keeping it tied helpless. Sounds sad, and it is actually so. Is it time and tenderness that we need to get out of this dilemma?! I can live with that if that’s what it needs.