Brock Lesnar: time for change

Brock Lesnar. You surely know the name very well if you are a wrestling fan. A guy who is massively strong, massively brutal, and markedly iconic. Every die-hard wrestling fan loves to watch him performing. You can’t help the chill that runs in you body once you hear his entrance music plays. You always expect first-class entertainment; and he never falls short of expectations. No matter who is the victem, wheather it is John Cena or Micheal Cole, the people just cheer for him. People naturally get behind him. And in this era of blurred border between face and heel, people just cheer for whomever they want. Now, with the sore relation with the Authority, is it time for him to be the fans’ hero. I can see it coming. War after war with every Authority member; including superstars who may be added to the mix. Mass distruction, cutting promos, and punishing bad guys. He can be the fan favorite in a blink of an eye. A real hero, savior, punisher. He can make every moment worths its money. Is the WWE ready to make the change? The decision is theirs after all.


Yes, I Watch Wrestling And I’m Not Ashamed

This article touched my heart


I’m not very athletic; while I did fulfill a quick stint as a cheerleader and was immediately nominated as the chosen one to adorn the top of the pyramid, it was mostly because I weighed about forty pounds and was extremely easy to throw in the air. Those glory days, however, are gone and I didn’t develop a love for participating in sports as the years dragged on. I did end up loving sports from afar, though; watching basketball with my stepdad and his friends was exciting. Football was dear to my heart – I learned all the referee calls from watching so much and could spot an offsides play from a mile away, no joke.

Those were traditional sports. They made sense to entertain. One sport entered my life when I was just five years old and changed everything for me: wrestling. My precious Nani was living with us…

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Thoughts about women’s cloth

Although I believe that every woman has the right to choose what she wears, I still can’t deny my annoyance with some of them look. I mean what you wear tells about you. Your taste, your personality, your mood, and your agenda. Clothes are actually a mean of communication, they send messages. People care about not being misunderstood. And her comes my point. When a woman sends – through the way she dresses – a certain message and then gets surprised with the way a man gets it. If a woman dresses like a b**** and feels angry she is treated like one. Or when she wears clothes so tight that every crease of her body is clearly visible, but no one should not think of her like fat or seductive. I just don’t get it. Some insist on being comfortable in what they wear, but they end up looking like bags of meat. I really feel bad for them at those times.
I am not asking to be as men like, I want her not to be odd or misunderstood. I want her to give me the chance to really SEE her. Shocking my sight in such a way brings ready made ideas into my mind. I believe that the best clothes are those not noticed. Simple, fitting and eye-friendly.
Some cultures have a saying “eat what like, but wear what people like”. Although I am not totally with that, but I can’t deny it hits a point.
I am just a man, so forgive me if I know so little.

A day without work

Today I just forgot to go to work. Yes, as strange it sounds to be, it is 100% true. I just sat in my chair, read in the Holy Quran, then went through the internet, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. Turned off my mobile, no interruption what so ever. My eyes never hit the clock which was there all the time in front of me. Never felt anything was missing. Till my wife and daughter opened the door to find me just sitting there. “Didn’t you go to your office?” my wife asked so honestly. “I forgot” was my honest answer. Just like that. I enjoyed every minute of it. I turned on my mobile, a couple of dozens of missed calls, but who cares. Turned it off again and spent the rest of the day with my family. Great to feel free of commitments, appointments and calls. Feels awkward to act the lazy, go-happy one, especially when not used to it. Forgetting about things has never felt so good.


These days last year I started something that has been buzzing in my head for years. I took a 6-month decision-making period till I finally made up my mind. I was gaining weight, being literally obese and I hated it. Being a muslim, these days last year were during Ramadan – as it is today. Ramadan is the time in the year that we fast from dawn to sunset, and – according to my doctor – a very defficult time to star dieting. One thing that really held me back from taking that decision was my lovely wife. Why? She is a full-time working woman. A program would require some specific meals, and I didn’t want to put more loads on her. However, once I told her my decision, she was very supportive.
Why I wanted to lose weight was multi-factorial. First of all, every time I looked in the merror I felt stranged. That person is not me. I am not like that. I was not able to dress well, my tailor used to “bite” me with criticism everytime I went to him.
I wasn’t even able to cross my legs. I couldn’t play with my child, who is a very active girl. I had back pain, knee pain; climbing the stairs was a burden.
But one very special matter worried me the most. My wife is very ideal when it comes to weight. Just ideal. I always felt like an insult to her everytime I walked by her. Used to tell myself she deserved better. I had to prove being worthy of her.
Today, I like the way I look. I feel proud of my wife and myself. We did a great job. Now all I need is to take care of what we earned.
Thanks for reading my story.